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GD50 Lecture 01 - Pong


This is a part of a series of notes. You can find notes to other lectures here Please feel free to bring to my attention mistakes, other interesting resources and feedback via the comments section. I’m all ears and will do my best to incorporate...

Introduction to Game Development GD50 - Notes and References


Notes, links and other resources that I find useful while taking this game development course. I always end up leaving courses midway and have decided to publish notes online for this particular course to build up some accountability. I’ll try to...

Novel DS & Algos Roundup #1


These are a few novel algorithms that I stumbled upon this year. I intend to curate and jot down stuff like this on a regular basis from now on so that I can quickly get to speed in the future (that is once I’ve forgotten about them). These also...

Redis Source Code - DS and Algos - adlist


If you are not aware of the main article, please read it first - Index of Deep Dive into the Source Code of Redis . Please keep the source code of Redis handy. Also have search commands for your respective text editors handy. You might have to...