Introduction to Game Development GD50 - Notes and References

January 26, 2018 by Abhirath Mahipal

Notes, links and other resources that I find useful while taking this game development course. I always end up leaving courses midway and have decided to publish notes online for this particular course to build up some accountability.

I’ll try to get the notes online latest by 2-3 days post the release of the lecture. Life and laziness can get in the way at times. Update:- I’m far far away from this goal. Sorry about that.

I’ll also link to other material that I’ve found useful in the past (example lecture 1 doesn’t explain the algorithm for generating random numbers since it’s clearly outside the scope of the course, I’ll be linking to material that I’ve used in the past to understand the same)

At times I’ll probably skip the less interesting parts for the sake of brevity (for instance at times I might avoid bombarding you with documentation as it can be found in the course slides) and I’ll try highlighting the meaty bits.

How to Use this?

It can help use revise stuff. This is no way a substitute for the videos. Also you can use these notes to learn a little more about related concepts without having to Google for them yourself. I see myself using these notes after a couple of months as a quick way to refresh my memory without having to watch all the videos again.


Please feel free to bring to my attention mistakes, other interesting resources and feedback using the comments section. I’m all ears and will do my best to incorporate them into these notes.