Awesome Distributed Systems Resources

September 27, 2017 by Abhirath Mahipal

New to the Concept of Awesome Lists?

They are a curation of exciting resources on a particular subject. They are actually quite popular these days.

This list would have been incomplete without the input of Shrayas. I’ll keep adding stuff as and when something catches my eye. Please keep in mind that I haven’t personally gone through most of them. Some of them are recommendations by people I know and I’ve actually read a few of these resources.

Blog Posts and Links


People to Follow

  • Aphyr He runs Jepsens. Jepsens focuses on the safety of distrbuted systems and puts their claims to a test. He trains people as well. Notes from his 2 day training. They’ve also analysed various leading databases and queues. You can find the reports here.

Other Links that Have Lists